Al-Tasweeb Company for guarding and security

As for the services we provide, Al-Tasweeb Company for guarding and security offers various services, regarding work field, we cooperate with organizations and persons from different sectors and specialties, including but not limited to oilfield companies, public and private industrial facilities, we also cooperate with import-export companies and general trading entities and more of vital sectors corporations. Regarding security project size, Al-Tasweeb Company has the ability to provide customized security services that can accommodate any size of security needs, whether it is required to protect limited number of targets or large scale guarding for many vital targets, whether they are stationary, movable, human or physical assets, here are some of the services we provide:

Moving Security Services

Our company offers security services for mobile targets, whether they are human or precious assets like gold and gemstone cargos, we have the ability to accommodate all customers’ need and we harness all of our capabilities to achieve our goal in preserving security of moving targets by organizing immune guarding parade and following standard rules to protect such targets.

Guarding Stationary Sites

we offer protection services to stationary facilities, factories, power plants and water treatment plants utilizing vary advanced technologies in accordance with global quality standards in this regard to ensure safety of such immovable targets against any threats.

Training Services

Al-Tasweeb Company provides certified training courses for security guards on a high level of quality and professionalism and at competitive prices, this service involves presenting theoretical subjects about security practices and equipment, besides practical training on using technical tools, we also provide physical trainings, security formulations trainings and deploying security elements in order to control entrances and exits of target sites, in case of guarding facilities, furthermore, we offer trainings on risk assessment, threats identification and setting up monitoring and guarding plans.

Risk And Threats Assessment

This service represents the base of all security plans and precautionary measures, therefore, Al-Tasweeb Company works on assessing risks very accurately and identifying threats, their sources and their natures, in order for security preparations to be suitable for results of such analyses, in other words, security setups should not be overly prepared which means unnecessary expenses, and also they should not be under-prepared and miss their ultimate role.

Setting up security plans

After risks assessment and threats identification, the stage of planning starts, in which we set up suitable security plans, make sure they are adequate and capable of providing protection, before we move on to implementation stage. Thus, our company puts the plan according to basic standard rules that are globally approved in the field of security and protection and in compliance with international quality standards in this regard.

Providing custom services

Our company’s services are not limited only to standard specific measures, we also have adequate flexibility to provide custom services that are tailored to match different cases and clients, this includes security measures, plans, equipment, safe guards, and the target location, all those parameters and features can be fully optimized to the extent that doesn’t contradict any of our customers’ interests, besides providing adequate protection.